SELECTWARE Declaration

This is a Selectware Site

All products created by The Ford Project Team are classified as SELECTWARE. 

Only Sites or organisations selected as authorised by The Ford Project Manager to distribute Ford Project products have permission to distribute these products to their exclusive client base.

If any product created by the Ford Project Team is distributed without being an authorised/selected organisation by the Ford Project Manager  then there is a nominal fee of $2.00US for each download or distributed copy of this product payable to the Manager of the Project on a monthly basis in retrospect for all copies distributed of  the Ford Project Team product each month.



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All products created by The Ford Project Team are emphatically NOT FREEWARE and
are not openly available for distribution without the Site Manager's consent and,  where applicable, appropriate fees will be incurred and paid for any distribution by unauthorised release or propagation through any media.


Only selected sites or organisations authorised by the Manager of the Project Team to release Ford Project product have the approved right to distribution of a specific Ford-Project product in any media.  

Any site or organisation not Authorised by the Manager of the Project Team are not permitted to release Ford Project product without payment of a fee for each individual event of distribution of a Ford Project product in any media whatsoever.

This principle is fully enforceable by international law and action where necessary will, without hesitation, be initiated promptly.

Publishing Ford Tri-Motor Project product in any media automatically implies that the publisher is aware of these condition and accepts them. 

Responsibility for obtaining approval to publish Ford Tri-Motor Project product rests with the publisher.

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Brought to you by: fights piracy


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